Local Hospitals are Reporting Shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

While hospitals work to secure more supplies, our community can help bridge the gap by donating new and unused masks, medical gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes that you have at home, at your school, or at your workplace.  

To Donate unused N95-style respirator masks, surgical-style masks, medical gloves, hand sanitizer, and/or disinfecting wipes:

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To Volunteer to pick up personal protective equipment (PPE):

Please Note: Only individuals who are at low-risk of developing serious complications from COVID-19, as outlined by the CDC, can offer assistance that requires leaving home isolation. By completing the sign-up form below you affirm that you are low-risk and agree that you accept all risk and responsibility and further hold any facilitator associated with this Personal Protective Equipment donation effort harmless. All donors of PPE will be asked to leave their donations in a Ziploc-style bag on their doorstep so there is no human-to-human contact and social distance of six feet is maintained at all times.

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